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Many young men in Uganda are unemployed or stuck in low paying day jobs because they haven't developed the skills necessary to advance into more complex roles. At Kazo Technical School we believe every young man should develop the character and skills necessary to get out there and build things and give Uganda a brighter future.


  • Punctuality

We show up on time and if we are delayed we communicate promptly

  • Productivity

We are organized, efficient and maintain a clean work environment.

  • Professionalism

We strive to show respect, honesty and integrity in all we do.

Kazo Technical School was founded with the purpose of equipping youth of Uganda with the skills they need to provide for themselves and their dependents. Without the training and equipping of young men into productive trades, our societies remain in cycles of poverty and corruption.


This vocational institute is a project of Followers of The Way, an NGO based in Kampala with sponsorship from the USA. We and our sponsoring organization are Christian non-profit institutions committed to the promulgation of the Christian faith and sustainable poverty solutions in developing countries.


Course Information:

Students are trained in basic arc welding and metal fabrication practices with an emphasis on high quality standards. The daily lesson plans allocate the learning time to approximately one-third theoretical in the classroom and two-thirds practical in the welding booths. The students are taught in the classroom as a group and then practice individually with a welding machine or other tools. Kazo Technical School will limit class size to no more than 15 students to allow for individual assistance by the instructor. The course will also include at least thirty minutes of daily instruction in the Christian principles of integrity, honesty, diligence, and morality. These fundamental life skills are essential for success and make the graduate that possesses them highly desirable as an employee. The administrators will help students find jobs using their new skills within companies in the Kampala area. The administrators retain the right to make changes to this syllabus as needed.


Course Goal:

By the end of the second semester students will be equipped with a wide variety of skills for the metal working industry in East Africa including heavy steel construction, food handling equipment, and small-scale local production of light steel products

When young men are trained with skills and character they become the next generation of  heros in our society.

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